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100+ Hours

Wickless Scented Candles

Built to last over 100 hours, these babies pack a punch with their strong scents. Perfect for keeping your place smelling awesome without the hassle of a flame. Long-lasting and super fragrant, they're a game-changer.

Indulge Yourself


Wax Melts

Check out our wax melts! They come in a pack with 8 easy-to-break-off pieces so you can use just the right amount. The scents last ages and we only use 100% soy wax, because we're all about keeping it natural and eco-friendly. Simple, long-lasting, and straight-up good for your space.

You Deserve It

Made with Calendula Oil

Body Oils

Made with soothing calendula oil and some top-notch fragrances to keep you smelling great. They’re simple, effective, and a real treat for your skin. Dive in and feel the difference!

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